Wholeschool Portal | Home 28 May 2016

Pastoral Care

Year Tutors are senior members of staff who are responsible for the individual and collective needs of pupils in each year group.  The experience and expertise of these teachers is a central feature of the carefully planned counselling and advice service which is available to all pupils throughout their school career. 

In the event of problems or difficulties, pupils should consult immediately with the most relevant member of staff, i.e. Subject Teacher, Registration Teacher or Year Tutor. The Principal and Vice-Principal are also readily available for consultation and assistance.     

Every effort is made to maintain close contact with parents, who should not hesitate to get in touch with the Principal on any matter affecting the welfare, progress or development of their children.  It is more convenient if appointments are made by telephone; appointments can be arranged during school hours or at other times.

Consultations can be made with other relevant members of staff through the Principal as and when they are needed.

Meetings with parents are organised on several occasions during the school year.  These are usually for the parents of students in individual year groups but from time to time meetings may be on a wider basis.

Other interviews of a personal nature may be held with parents and/or pupils to discuss progress or matters of concern.  These can be initiated by either the school or the parent.

 Parental Concerns

We wish to maintain the excellent home-school communication that exists at present and if a parent is concerned about any aspect of their child’s education or welfare they should contact the school office and an appointment will be arranged.