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1.   The educational/vocational needs of the pupil seeking entry to post GCSE provision will be the fundamental consideration in the process of assessing suitability to enrol subject to the following:


(a)  a pupil will be considered for enrolment provided the school does not exceed its

       enrolment number as determined by DENI.


(b)  a pupil may be accepted into the school provided this would not prejudice the efficient

                   i.          use of the school’s resources.

                   ii.         provision of education in the school.


(c) academic achievement - the applicant should have obtained a minimum of four GCSE’s at A* - C and more normally a minimum points score of 36, where grades A, B and C are worth 10, 8 and 6 respectively.


(d) level of industry must demonstrate a potential to benefit from a post GCSE course of study – this will be assessed by reference to monthly test performance, Key Stage 4 reports and attendance records.


(e) approach to schoolwork, peers and staff - this will be assessed by reference to school records.


2.   A pupil who intends to take a combination of A level and/or other courses will be required to have commensurate levels of attainment that demonstrate their potential to cope

      successfully with the proposed course.


3.   A pupil proposing to transfer from another school would be expected to meet the above criteria.


All applications for admission to the school should be made on NEELB form AP1 and submitted to the school office.

 In the Event of Over-Subscription

Preference will be given to those:

(1)       Who have a sibling or former family relationship with the school.

(2)       To those living in closest proximity to the school.

(3)        Children resident in N. Ireland at the time of their proposed admission will be selected before any child not so resident

6th Form Activities

Every Thursday 6th former pupils get an opportunity to take part in various enrichment activities

Activities include:

badminton / hockey / football / netball / basketball
using the MDC Pulse gym / canoeing

Volunteering with
Greenlight Gateway / Leabank Nursing Home / various primary schools

Cooking / photography / Heartstart