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 Student Council

The School Council
The School Council is made of one elected representative from each registration class.  Council meetings are organised and chaired by the students, during which topics, mainly raised in class are discussed, minuted and actions agreed.  Items on the agenda are usually about school life but can also be curriculum based.

An example of our work is as follows: Many pupils were concerned about the condition of the pupil toilets, so a review was presented to the Principle and this resulted in improvements being made during the summer holidays.

BallyCastle Joint Student Council
This council is made up of eight students from each school who share responsibilities of office bearers. Meetings alternate between both schools.  The agenda is dictated by the students, issues discussed vary they could be organisational, social, curricular or any other subject relevant to the students from the two schools. 

Ballycastle Joint Student Council is presently in discussion with the DRD about the possibility of a pedestrian crossing between the two schools making collaboration easier for everyone.

The council’s mission statement this year is “Working together for a better future.”