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  • Miss J. Elliott
  • Mr. McMaster
Teaching Staff:     

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

George Santayana

Ks3 Topics
Year 8 topics include:
What is history? The Norman Conquest of England; The Normans in Ireland; the Norman legacy, as well as a trip to Carrickfergus castle in the summer term. 
Year 9 topics include:
The Spanish Armada, Voyages of Discovery, the Slave Trade, the British Empire in India and World War One. 

Year 10 topics include:
The Partition of Ireland, the consequences of partition, 20th century history, JFK and the Holocaust. 

History at Ballycastle High School aims to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for a study of the past, whilst using a range of teaching and learning activities. 

The department seeks to foster those skills traditionally associated with the teaching and study of History eg. translation, analysis, application, extrapolation, evaluation and empathy.  

In addition, the department will also aim to develop the skills associated with literacy, oral and written expression, I.C.T. and numeracy. 

The main emphasis in the teaching (and learning) of this subject has to be enjoyment!! 

Pupils study the CCEA specification, which includes study of the following: 
  • Life in Nazi Germany 1933-45 
  • Changing Relationships: Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland (1965-98) 
  • International Relations, 1945-2003 
A level
Pupils study the CCEA specification, which includes study of the following:
AS level
  •  Germany 1918-45 
  • Russia 1914-41
A2 level
  • Clash of Ideologies, 1900-200        
  • Partition of Ireland 190025
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