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Principal's Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website which I hope you find to be informative.

Ballycastle High School was established on the present campus more than 55 years ago.  In that time we have been at the forefront of educational developments within our local community and beyond. We are an all-ability non-selective school welcoming pupils from all backgrounds and we believe the longstanding and ongoing success of the school is due to a range of factors including: an extensive and well-resourced curriculum which meets the needs of a wide range of abilities in the 11 – 18 range.


The quality pastoral care, quality teachers and teaching, and a comprehensive range of extra- curricular activities are also key elements of this successful school. A forward looking approach coupled with an attitude of continually seeking to improve provision is a hallmark which ensures high standards and high expectations from both staff and pupils.

Our commitment to the successful collaborative arrangements with Coleraine Area Learning Partnership and Cross and Passion College and our excellent results at GCSE and A Level, demonstrates our intention to be at the forefront of educational development for the benefit of our pupils and our community. Ballycastle High School is a school with a long tradition of excellence and this remains a key focus for the future. This website will give you some insight into school life, but do feel free to contact me here at the school for further information.

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