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It is essential that each pupil should wear school uniform.  It has many advantages to commend it. Pupils should be proud of their school and its uniform and appear in school daily, neat, tidy and clean.  Parents are requested to co-operate in seeing that their children help to sustain the high standards which exist.

A scheme for assistance in the purchase of school uniform, games and physical education clothing is operated by the North-Eastern Education and Library Board.  Further details are available directly from the Board or the Principal will advise if required.

The official Sixth Form school tie can be purchased only from the school office.

All school uniform and P.E. uniform will be supplied by: 

  • S&T Moore, 28 Railway Road, Coleraine

  • S &T Moore,   Sperrin Business Park, Ballycastle Road, Coleraine

  • R. H. Gault, Church Street, Ballymoney

  • Stewart's Sport and Leisure, 30 Ann Street, Ballycastle


Boys Uniform

Black Blazer with school badge    

Black trousers

White shirt

School tie

Grey Jumper (compulsory)

Black socks

Black shoes 

Girls Uniform

Black blazer with school badge

Grey knee length skirt with four 6 inch pleats

Turquoise blouse – revere collar and short sleeves

Royal blue V-neck jumper

Plain black tights or grey knee length socks

Black shoes

Grey school trousers may be worn instead of skirt

Optional Uniform For Boys & Girls

Black school outdoor coat with fleece lining and school badge available from school suppliers. (To be worn over blazer)

School scarf – turquoise, royal and black stripe available from school suppliers. (No other scarf may be worn)

Hair should not interfere with vision and should be kept tidy.  Extreme hair styles or make up are not permitted.

Jewellery should not be worn with the exception of a plain stud in the lower ear lobe.

Physical Education Kit

Boys and girls tracksuits are available from the school suppliers as an optional piece of PE clothing. 

For practical and safety reasons, jewellery must not be worn.

Boys Uniform

Football boots                                                            

Socks - black                                                            

School shorts                                                            

Boys school PE shirt

Shin guards - essential for Football and Hockey

Gym shoes or trainers with a rubber sole

Girls Uniform

Black socks

School skort or school shorts

Girls school PE shirt

Shin guards - essential for Football and Hockey

Gym shoes or trainers with a rubber sole

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