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Physical Education

Teaching Staff:
  • Ms Harpur HoD
  • Mr Kearney
  • Mrs Campbell 

"Every child is a winner when they try their best"


At Ballycastle High School we are committed to developing lifelong performers in a wide range of sporting activities and in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. We try to provide pupils with an opportunity to achieve a sense of achievement in a wide range of activities.


We want to provide moments of inspiration and enjoyment that will remain with them when they leave BHS.


As a department, we aim to provide a challenging, disciplined and safe environment for high quality learning and teaching. Pupils should experience a balance of activities which has the necessary coherence and breadth to develop the Curriculum.

Progression should be obvious as the pupil passes through key stage 2 to 3 with an extended choice of activity in key stage 4 to ensure the pupil is offered a motivating and relevant school choice in PE.  
As a further extension, examination PE is also offered at GCSE, AS and Advanced Level.  


We also offer BTec Level 2 First Award in Sport and BTec Level 3 Sport subsidiary diploma. 
The aim of the PE department in BHS is: 

  • to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills through frequent and regular participation in a balanced programme of Athletics, Games (invasion, fielding/striking and net/wall), Gymnastics, Dance and Outdoor Education (optional);

  • to practice, refine and develop skills and specific techniques (eg. using strategies, tactics, choreographic and/or compositional principles) and use these with consistency;

  • to experience, monitor and understand a range of short-term effects of exercise on the body systems including cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal systems; 

  • to monitor and evaluate their own activity levels over a period of time and plan how they can fulfill the activity recommendations for health;

  • to develop their knowledge of safe practices and procedures when taking part in sport and physical activity

  • to develop the skills and capabilities required to analyse and improve their own and others’ work

  • to develop the skills and capabilities required to work effectively with others in tasks which require co-operation, creativity, problem solving, planning and team work. 


Ks3 Topics

 The programme of Study is designed in such a way to ensure young people are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities throughout Year 8, 9 and 10.
Pupils will experience these activities in a selection of indoor and outdoor environments. Throughout the year there is also many opportunities for pupils to specialise in chosen sports with a vast range of extra-curricular activities available.  
A broad curriculum is provided for all pupils at key stage 3, enabling the development of motor skills, survival skills and creative flair in the following sports: 
  • Girl’s and Boy’s  Activities:
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Health related fitness
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rounders  
  • Rugby
  • Trampolining
  • Volleyball 
In year 11 and 12 pupils are again given a broad curriculum which include those sports in key stage 3 but additionally, Zumba, keep fit and circuits, etc 
At Key Stage 4 we avail of a range of local facilities available to us. This includes the local use of the Swimming pool at the caravan park and Sheskburn Gym.  They have the opportunity to take part in classes that are run at the gym etc. Spin class.  They also get to use the hockey and football pitches as Quay road. 
As seniors, pupils are given more choice of the activities that they can pursue and the opportunity to develop lifelong skills that will assist them in employment. 
Extra-Curricular Activities 

Our extra-curricular programme provides our pupils with many opportunities to further develop their personal, social, emotional and academic potential.  The range of activities on offer ensures provision both during the school day and after school.
We encourage our pupils to avail of the extra- curricular activities on offer as they form an important part in creating a more rounded individual who has developed a broad range of skills and achievements.  
This provides an excellent platform for applications to university and employment, where there is much emphasis on the quality of a pupil’s personal statement. 
Participation in extra-curricular activities helps our pupils to: 

 develop their sporting interest and capability;
 maintain good health and fitness;
 understand the importance of teamwork and commitment;
 develop friendships;
 build confidence and self-esteem, and managing stress. 
Programme of Extra-Curricular Activities 
After school 
  • Athletics
  • Hockey XI, U14, U13 and Year 8 teams
  • Football
  • Tennis 
Lunch Time
  • Irish dancing  
  • Trampolining
  • Gymnastics
  • Table Tennis 
  • Athletics
  • Year 8 Football  
  • Hockey training for all years
  • Rugby  
Lunch Time
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Trampolining
  • Boxing club
  • Table Tennis 
All pupils must wear the full school PE kit in all PE lessons; that is 
  • Black socks 
  • School skort or school shorts 
  • Girls school PE shirt 
  • Shin guards - essential for Football and Hockey 
  • Gym shoes or trainers with a rubber sole  
  • Socks black                                                              
  • School shorts                                                               
  • Boys school PE shirt 
  • Shin guards - essential for Football and Hockey 
  • Gym shoes or trainers with a rubber sole 
PE ½ Zip can be ordered from the PE department 
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