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Ballycastle Shared Education Campus


Q. When is construction due to start on the new shared education facilities in Ballycastle?

A. Construction is expected to start on site in April/May 2024

Q. Who is the appointed contractor?

A. The appointed contractor is Heron Bros Ltd. They were formally appointed in March 2023.

Q. What is the expected duration of the construction stage of the project?

A. The construction stage is programmed to take 40 months to complete, through a phased programme of delivery. The first pitch is expected to be completed on the current Ballycastle High School site within 12 months of construction start, and the first new building completed some 24 months after construction start

Q. Will works be undertaken on both sites simultaneously?

A. No – construction works for the first 26 months at least will solely be undertaken on the current Ballycastle High School site

Q. Why were some trees felled recently across both sites?

A. A selected number of trees were felled recently as an advance works exercise, in line with the planning consent conditions, and ahead of the bird nesting season which commences on 1st March each year. The trees felled were located in positions which will be impacted by the construction works

Q. Were any of the trees felled recently covered by Tree Protection Orders?

A. No – none of the trees felled were covered by Tree Protection Orders. The contractor consulted with Planning Service in advance of the tree felling works commencing

Q. Were the two schools informed in advance of the tree felling works starting?

A. Yes – both schools were fully aware of the works being undertaken, and also the extent of the respective works on their sites

Q. Will local residents be notified of construction works starting on site?

A. Yes – the contractor will undertake a communication exercise with the local community closer to the time of construction starting, as part of their site mobilisation

Q. Will new trees be planted on both sites as part of the pending construction works?

A. Yes – a good provision of appropriate new trees will be provided for both sites, in line with the approved Landscape Architect’s designs. New trees are a requirement of both the Department of Education and also the Planning Permission granted in 2021


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