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Meeting HRH Prince Harry and Meghan

Pupils from 10L have been working on an ‘Amazing the Space’ project with a Year 10 class from Cross and Passion College. This has involved an ice-breaker day, where the pupils met one another and set out the rationale for the project.  We were also involved in a live webcast holocaust survivor talk, where Janine Webber told us of her experience during the holocaust and how she managed to survive.  Our third event was a cultural day in Girdwood community centre in Belfast, led by Arts Ekta. This was an enjoyable day, where we learned about other cultures, made crafts, danced to music from Zimbabwe and sampled some cuisine from across the world.

All of this work culminated in both year 10 groups being invited to the ‘Amazing the Space’ finale event in the Eikon centre on 23rd March.  This was an event to celebrate the experiences of all of the regional cluster groups, and how they were ‘living out their peace pledges’.   We heard from choirs, watched dancers and watched video footage, where our own Nancy Lynn explained what our cluster group had been doing.  She also shared her own experiences and told us how important it was for young people to value difference in our community.

As exciting as all this was, we were overwhelmed when we learned who our special guests were - HRH Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markel.  We had known there was to be a special guest, but had no clue it would be of this calibre! Four pupils from CPC and four pupils from BHS, as well as their very excited teachers, were able to meet the royal couple.  They were very friendly and genuinely interested in what we had done as part of the project. They asked what we had enjoyed most about the project and the event that day, and how we had worked together.  Prince Harry challenged our pupils to lead the way in change and encouraged them saying ‘you’re trying to educate the older generation which is just amazing. Well done’.  Meghan responded to his enthusiastic comments and told us ‘no pressure’!  Throughout all of these interactions, the couple were lovely and very personable.  Before they left, we were able to get a photograph with them, and some primary school pupils even sneaked in!

It was certainly a day that will not be easily forgotten!


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